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Bitter Apricot Kernels / Snack food (1LB)-100% USDA Certified Organic Bitter Apricot Kernels (Free Electronic Book) – Raw Bitter Apricot kernels – Made in Turkey

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  • Bitter Apricot Kernels USDA 100% Organic Certified by Pro-Cert – Our Premium bitter apricot kernels are 100% Organic from Turkey with all the certifications from Pro-Cert (Professional approved certifier on the USDA website)
  • Bitter Apricot kernels Made in Turkey – Turkey is known to have one the best apricot kernels found in the world
  • Bitter Apricot Kernels Organic kernels are Premium Quality Super kernels – The brand you can trust. Raw, naturally bitter, unpasteurized, fresh, naturally dried, USDA certified organic and gluten-free
  • Health Benefits – Consult your physician with all nutritional supplements before use
  • Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Priority – Fast shipping! We value your feedback

Why choose aimnaturals bitter apricot kernels?

If the bitter apricot kernels are not 100% organic apricot kernels, you are not getting everything of these powerful apricot seeds. We sell 100% organic certified bitter apricot kernels.

Bitter Apricot Kernels


Bitter Apricot kernels

All our Bitter apricot kernels are premium organic grade A. We have all the certifications and are happy to share upon request. If the kernels are not 100% organic and air dried they are not very effective. Get the best while it lasts!

Bitter apricot kernels are Sun Dried, Raw, Naturally Bitter, Unpasteurized, Fresh and 100% organic.

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